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Products (New!)

Simple Database Utilities (Coming Soon)

I have created a simple database utilities layer which does the following:

* Implements a simple Data Access Objects layer that utilizes XML to specify queries.
* Implements Query DAOs and Table DAOs which provide functionality specific to those types of database objects.
* DAO XML specification can be generated by plugging in queries and executing them
* Utilizes a connection factory and connection XML file to specify database connections. The filename is configurable.
* Will allow connections to pools as well as straight connections (coming).
* Has implemented a new "Mapper" class which utilizes XML to map transfer objects.
* Maps can be one-to-one or many-to-one and can utilize English language formulas to build calculated values.
* Transfer objects can be passed to DAO for persistence.
* Technology is all based on open source code, Apache Commons and JEP Formula parser (original open source version)
* GUI tool to design mappings (coming).

Consulting Services

We offer the following services:

Web Development

Web Development

J2EE Design and Development

    • EJBs’, Messaging Services (JMS), JSP
    • BEA Weblogic, ATG Dynamo

Application Architecture

    • J2EE Design Patterns and design of n-tier applications

Database Development


    • Design and implementation of databased solutions. Extensive experience in creation, maintenance and tuning of relational databases.
    • Extensive experience with ERWin, including modelmart (Multi-user).

Database Administration

Extensive experience in installation and maintenance of RDBMs including:

    • Oracle and Sybase.

Database Software Development

    • Design and implementation of RDBMS objects. Including development of stored procedures, triggers, packages, and SQL scripts.
    • RDBMS languages include PL/SQL and Transact SQL.

Unix Development

Overall Unix Experience

Includes nearly all aspects of the Unix development environment, including:

    • Version Control (RCS, CVS, SCCS)
    • Shell Scripting (ksh, bash, sh, and csh),
    • Build procedures and scripts (Make, Ant)
    • Creation of standardized development environment (uniform environment variables, directory structures, etc.)

General Software Development

Object Oriented Development

    • Java, C++, Powerbuilder.
    • Long term experience with the object oriented design paradigm.

C Language

    • Design and development of complex and large scale systems in C.

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